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But those skinny rollers…not cute.

But those skinny rollers…not cute.

After this hiatus, if Sulli and f(x) can comeback stronger with a kickin’ repackage (the song should be about finding inner strength and giving the middle finger to haters) and a solo concert, success is the best revenge.

It would be great if Amber tweeted or instagrammed something comforting for f(x) fans (i.e. Taeyeon after the whole dating thing). These conspiracy theories are just going to spiral out of control otherwise.

It makes sense…she filmed two movies, which is exhausting enough, got wrapped up in this Choiza scandal, and that kicked up even more as Red Light promotions started. With him running his mouth and the crazy music promotions starting, it all probably got to her.

Amber took a hiatus in 2010-ish for almost a year…and we didn’t really get a full explanation about that.

I hope once Sulli feels better, they can comeback with a mini-album, she can dump Choiza to the curb, and f(x) can come back stronger than ever. We all date one bad seed in our lives, maybe that’s what happened to her. We all make mistakes.

Leeteuk’s gonna come back from the army and be like “WTF guys”

What kind of schedule are these girls on if they’re already tired and sick by the second week?

Besides the awful mics today (all of the girls sang fine, but it was like the mics worked 20 percent of the time), Krystal looked ready to faint.

I feel like they’ve lost so much energy in these last two comebacks than any other song, and the choreography hasn’t been as complex. What are they doing that’s making them so tired and catching illnesses? I’ve only seen them on music shows and Krystal’s reality show.

I was listening to Rainbow in the car and I have the perfect MV idea.

Opening scene: Kids laughing as they’re playing at a spray park. The light from the sun reflects on the water shooting up on the ground, creating a rainbow.

Beat kicks in, the streams of water coming up in time to the beat. 

Concept: summer, just hanging out outside and having a good time. NO BOXES!

Outfits - probably IGAB style but summer-y and more f(x) style. There will definitely be basketball jerseys at some point.

Individual shots:

Victoria - she’d be jumping rope with kids not too far from the b-ball court, showing off tricks, flexibility, y’know, the stuff she’s hella good at. 

Luna - she’d be working at a patbingsoo or snow cone stand, handing out treats to little kids because she’s just so cute.

Sulli - she’d probably be playing at the spray park and her little bro would make a cameo

Amber - she’d be kicking ass on the basketball court surrounded by a bunch of dudes. Other individual shots would be having man-servants tend to her every whim while she’s noshing on that patbingsoo on a lawn chair, because she’s a boss.

Krystal - haven’t quite figured her out. Idk, maybe tanning on a lawn chair and Amber loses a basketball and it comes her way. Krystal gets pissed and chases Amber’s crew around. 

Dance shots: at the spray park and on a blacktop basketball court. And Rino Nakasone would choreograph the dance. #StopJillianMeyer2014

Group shots: I’d like to see them all on lawn chairs with sunglasses on, looking fierce, maybe the girls playing with sparklers as the sun goes down.